Acacia School Of Dance

We've been based in Clapham for the last 20 years and offer classes for beginners and improvers of all ages from 3 years. Classes do not cost as much as you would think! We enter students for I.S.T.D. examinations in Imperial Ballet, Modern Theatre, Jazz and Tap. Theatrical productions take place to expand training, and there are opportunities to perform at varying levels according to your commitment, which can include drama and national dance. For serious dancers, we hold preparatory professional classes preparing students for auditions and full-time vocational dance schools along with tuition in major syllabi in the above subjects. Looking for exercise or relaxation? Adult Tap is a popular choice for older beginners (14 to any age!) or ex-dancers who miss the 'buzz'! These sessions also include the option to take I.S.T.D. 'Popular Tap Tests', (Medal tests and fun exams for adults Levels 1-6).