CJ's Dance & Fitness

CJ's Dance and Fitness has been established now for twenty years and provides two hundred young people the opportunity to participate in various dance forms and cheerleading every week. For many youngsters CJ's becomes a huge part of their life throughout their educational years and their final show is a tear jerker for both teachers and pupils.

This professional but friendly atmosphere nurtures the dancers of tomorrow whether they perform as a hobby or aspire to a dance career. Achievements and memories of pupils, past and present adorn the walls and inspire all who attend.

Over the years the established dance forms such as Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz have continued to flourish at the school and still provide the basis for new styles and dance trends. However with the ever evolving world of the Performing Arts, change encourages new people to gain insight into this creative world. CJ's prides itself in offering a dance style to suit all tastes.