Dance Associate Ltd
Dance Associate promotes, maintains and improves performing and creative arts education, particularly through the production of workshops, performances and the encouragement of the arts, including contemporary dance, drama, mime, singing and music alongside the development, preparation and establishment of projects;

To foster, present, organise, manage and produce accessible high-quality work of cultural and educational value to the public in the knowledge, understanding and practice of arts in all their aspects and the training of the public through the management of production of the events for public performance and the showcasing of performing and creative arts;

Advance and raise the profile of underdeveloped art forms through the promotion of artistic collaborations and fostering partnerships with similar organisations; Provide for the area of benefit;

Encourage and stimulate the artistic creativity and awareness of people in the area of the benefit by the provision of training, educational resources and support/opportunities for artistic expression;

Promote and develop educational and recreational opportunities and resources for the benefit of children, young people and adults in the area of benefit and give equality of opportunity to those who have otherwise been marginalised from the mainstream arts provision;
Provide appropriate quality programmes to ensure the involvement of all ages; children, young people and adults;
Identify and create opportunities for the exchange of skills, resources and information;

Undertake any other activities and projects which may be deemed appropriate;

Dance Associate Ltd is not prescriptive in the art form used by and for people for artistic expression;

Encourage appreciation for and participation in arts by the provision of educational performing and creative arts projects, information and training, classes, workshops, arts facilities and equipment, support and instruction and the organisation of showcases of works and events.