Dancing is good exercise for your body and mind, aiding your memory & teaching your brain to focus. We have evening and daytime dance classes, suitable for all levels of dancer including absolute beginners. All dancing is without a partner. In our modern line dance classes you will learn to dance choreographed routines to a variety of music genres, including pop, 60's, 70's, Latin, Irish, R&B, Country and more. All routines are broken down into manageable sections. We have classes for all levels including absolute beginners.

You do not need experience - just a sense of humour! If you are an ‘absolute' beginner and have no dance experience, look out for our ‘new' beginner courses. Those classes categorised as ‘beginner +' are classes that were opened for ‘new' beginners but have been running for longer than six weeks. These classes provide the opportunity to learn to dance authentic salsa steps, without a partner. In these classes we dance to salsa music and pop.