Farida Dance

Farida Dance would not be the success it is without the help and hard work of the 'Farida Crew'.

Their faces are familiar to many people as they travel to different events and try to entertain our customers whilst finding them the ideal costume to suit their needs! Want to find out more about them?

In 1998, Kay Taylor started importing professional belly dance costumes to the UK as she had been unable to get any here herself. Kay went to Cairo and set about meeting with costumiers, looking at designs and deciding who to buy from and what sort of things she would stock. Some of Farida Dance's top designers are Hanan and the Zaki's - Eman and Hoda. Eman and Hoda are now familiar faces at Fantasia where they offer on the spot advice, alterations and designer creations, as well as being great fun to have around.