Jive Nation

We run classes + social once a month - we run this extremely popular beginners fast track session for Modern Jive, using the intensive Jive Nation methods for fast-tracking beginners up to a confident level in one day.

A lot of people come along solo - we try to keep the numbers of men and women roughly balanced, so please let us know if you have invited a friend! You will meet everyone very quickly - the group size on the Beginners Workshop (one a month)is usually about 5 men and 5 women, and we change dance partners every 5 minutes or so. For the evening classes, the numbers can range from 30 up to 80 on any given night.

I danced it at my own wedding in 2014. And I've taught hundreds of wedding dance couples over the last 8 years. You will be learning Modern Jive using the Jive Nation method - we focus on modern music and sophisticated but simple partner dance moves - it's almost always to 4/4 time pop music.