Maral & Mariano

A genuine couple in life and dance, Maral and Mariano are a refreshing, creative and multi-talented young couple from Buenos Aires. A powerful combination, with deep knowledge, skill and experience as dancer, anthropologist and tango musician. Together, Maral & Mariano gives life to a rich, vivid and spontaneous dance that is characterised by creative fluidity, musical sensitivity and is simply presence inspiring. Maral (British) and Mariano (Argentine), a perfect blend of the best of both world when it comes to quality and authenticity in teaching and style with international teaching experience in London, Buenos Aires, Paris, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, Toronto and more. Maral & Mariano have taken the decision to stop touring because they believe in committing to the teacher/student relationship as they know the importance of providing regular and consistent instruction for the development of their students and development of the level of Tango in a city.