Nellie Stagles

As a school, we have always promoted a real sense of family and community spirit and I feel that this is still today reflected in our teaching practices.

If you live in Doncaster then I am sure you will agree, it is hard to imagine a time before Nellie Stagles and the 'Nellie Stagles School of Theatre Dance'.

As many people will know, over the years Miss Stagles and the school has done so much and worked so tirelessly throughout the years. In fact, teaching the art of dance to generations of children in our communities was Nellie's vocation and passion. Miss Stagles also contributed an overwhelming degree of dedication, pledging her time, effort and energy to improving the lives and well being of many Doncaster residents. She always supported her home Town of Doncaster and the local charities, hospitals and hospices within our borough via our annual dancing show 'Winter Wonderland'.