Northern Poledance

Northern Pole Dance is the leading school for Pole Dance Fitness and Aerial Yoga in the North East with a well proven track record. We were the first Pole Dance Community approved school in Newcastle, long before others became part of the community.

Being part of the Pole Dance Community means that we abide by a strict code of conduct ensuring your safety and our professionalism at all times. Come along to a class and see what the fuss is all about - get fit and have fun in a safe environment with highly experienced instructors. We have our very own studio which we've renovated from a dis-used warehouse space into a fantastic Pole and Aerial Yoga Studio.

Northern Pole Dance is now one of the most successful pole schools in the UK with well known and popular Instructors. Our priority is safety and fun, our classes are ideal for all levels from beginner right through to super-advanced!