San-Marie Stage School
Established in 1963, the San-Marie Stage School has run classes in Brentwood, Ingatestone, Doddinghurst, Kelvedon Hatch, Horndon-on-the-Hill,

Basildon and Billericay.

In 2004, we bought our own premises and combined all our schools under one roof at the San-Marie Studios in Billericay.
We are a family-run school and our aim is to provide local children with the chance to perform – we encourage young talent to blossom and encouraged each member to perform to the best of their ability.
The truth is that unfortunately, only a very small number of performers will ever make it to the West End and beyond. For those dedicated students, we are proud that we have helped them reach their goal to gain prestigious places at dance and theatre colleges. However, we are also aware of the many children and young adults who just love to dance, we offer them the chance to wear the most beautiful costumes and take to the stage on a yearly basis.

Many of our students have so much fun they leave to go to university or travel and then come back again. We have over 100 students of secondary school age and above, and with dedicated classes, for young adults and returning students, we have maintained the membership of many students who started with us at a very young age.
Our goal is to provide as many of our students as we can with the chance to perform in our Display Team, which has performed in many London Theatres as well as abroad, for example at Disneyland Paris, Spain and on MSC cruise ships.