Strictly Israeli Dancing

Israeli dancing is a unique Israeli creation, a kind of new folklore with special elements. The Israeli dancing repertoire includes approx 4,000 dances created over the last 30 years. It is estimated that the 'crazy' and addicted amongst Israeli dancers know all the steps to about 400 dances! Usually a dance is created in response to a well-known song, often from the Israeli charts. Because Israel is made up of so many cultures, the music contains an amazing variation of moods, melodies, rhythms and forms - and the dances contain a corresponding variation in style.

Israeli dancing is a combination of circle, couple and line dances - always dancing in a closeness with others which is friendly, fun and exciting. As well as dancing, a regular dance class (Harkada) creates opportunities for lots of socialising - friendship, coffee and a good chat. Participating regularly in a Harkada is healthy for both body and mind. Israeli dancing is also a good way of keeping fit.