TIN Arts

Penny Rae was a TIN Arts board member from 2005 - 2010. Throughout her time supporting and working with TIN Arts, her impact on us was quite profound. She was always happy to offer a fresh perspective on life, work, dance. She was a terrific advocate for challenging us to think about things differently and asking (with a broad smile and a cheeky glint in her eye) "what would happen if you did it another way?"

Penny sadly passed away recently and although her extensive travels meant that we didn't see her very much over the last few years, she was and is still a constant presence in our daily lives as we push ourselves to explore different, new and innovative ways to bring hope and joy to the world through our work.

Penny was unique. There was no-one like her. She was a special person and had a unique ability to make others feel special about themselves. The world was a more loving, forgiving, honest and sensitive place with Penny in it.