KT Wilds Vertical Fitness
We offer Pole Dancing Fitness Lessons. Pole dancing is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, increase strength and muscle tone, whilst helping to improve your flexibility and posture. We
Street Dance Cardiff
Street Dance is a colloquial dance form, one that has been developed on the streets taking lots of different forms of dance and creating a totally unique dance form. It is an umbrella term used to
Dance Angels
Dance Angels was founded by Joanna Metallinos & Lauren Hall in September 2007. With the success and growth of Dance Angels over the past few years, Joanna & Lauren take great pride in teaching all
Salsa Buena
First class FREE details below. Learn to dance Salsa. Complete beginners welcome. Fun, friendly, popular and superb Salsa & Bachata classes across Cardiff & Cowbridge, South Wales. Whether you are
Edwards Dance Studio
Edwards Dance Studio was founded in 1971 by Christine and Frank Edwards. The Studio teaches many dance styles including Ballroom, Latin, Rock 'n' Roll, Argentine Tango, Freestyle and lots more. In
Havana People Bachata Classes - Cardiff
Havana People Salsa are a Cuban salsa and bachata dance school based in Cardiff city centre, Penarth & Newport. They provide well-structured beginner courses that encourage new dancers to find their