On Saturday 13th June we are holding a Kizomba WorkShop at Threemilestone Social Club. We kick off at 13:30 - 16:30 for the day class, then again at 19:30 till midnight - come party and let the music
Little Stars Nursery
Little Stars Nursery is located in the centre of Truro within easy walking distance from Moorefield Car Park and all city centre shops in the Jason Thomas Performing Arts centre where the Nursery has
Charles Colman
We are Charles and Angela and we are professional full time teachers of dance. We are dedicated to teaching dance to the highest standard whilst at the same time maintaining a sense of fun and
Falmouth University
BA(Hons) Dance graduate Lauren Syrett is using contemporary dance and jazz music to provide new and exciting creative opportunities for Residential Homes across the county. Lauren, who graduated last
Darlington Pamela
Children are invited from 3 years of age to participate in a Cygnets dance class, the class is mainly ballet based but commences with 10 minutes of tap dancing to give an insight into musicality and
Victorias Dance Academy
Victoria Keast took on the running of the school in 2010 after working alongside the previous Principal, Lynn Hill, for many years. It is now the largest and most well established school in Falmouth
The Gemini Dance Studios
11 week course - £82.50 per person for the course. In this 10 week course you will learn basic steps in Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Waltz and Quickstep. The balance will be due on the first night. 11 week
Ballaré School Of Perfoming Arts
Ballaré is Latin and it means 'to dance'. At Ballaré a passion for dance is prevalent. Classes are available for children from three years of age and start with fun, imaginative classes that