Learn Salsa in Belfast with Tony & Carolina in a great atmosphere at The Botanic Inn, Belfast! Our classes cover from absolute beginners, improvers, intermediate to advanced. You will learn
Ayub World
Sara is the Director and organiser of Irish Delight Oriental Festival & Ayub Essence. Her passion for Belly Dance helped her to create the Ayub Belly Dance community in Northern Ireland. She has been
Academy Of Professional Physical Arts
The Academy of Professional Physical Arts is Northern Ireland's leading provider of combined physical arts training. APPA-NI provides opportunities in multiple forms of physical arts techniques
The Clarke School
Over the past 54 years we at the Clarke's School of Dancing have tried to supply the best in social dancing for both adults and children across the community. Our classes cover hip hop - jive - social
Victoria Academy Of Dance
With Amazing facilities, a wonderful teacher, endless opportunities and spectacular shows, Victoria Academy of Dance is the place to be! They're like a little family with the big girls really looking
Susan McMillan School
We can offer classes from Pre-school to Pre-professional and your child can benefit enormously in an envirnoment which strives to remain relaxed and non-exclusive. The safe and correct dance training
Dance Associate Ltd
Dance Associate addresses social welfare through performing and creative arts for recreation and other leisure activities to improve the conditions of life and well-being of the people of Northern