Wendy Bates School
The dancing school was established in 1979 when Wendy qualified as an Associate Member of the National Association Of Teachers Of Dancing. Since that time Wendy has spent fourteen years teaching dance
Dancing Days
Eve is really good at involving everyone at the sessions and makes sure that the quieter children don't get left out. I have seen each and every child's confidence grow week by week and it's a real
British Pole Dance Academy
Pole Dancing is a form of performance art - a combination of sensual dancing and gymnastics on a vertical pole. Here at the British Pole Dance Academy we perform more athletic moves such as climbs,
Dance Nuvo
All of the Dance Nuvo Teachers and Performers have travelled to many places across the world to work with the pioneers and creators of Street dance learning its history and extensive vocabulary of
Aimee Louise
With all the pupils hard work, fun and dedication and hopefully my knowledge and experience, I hope I can help them to become the dancer that they would like to be. Not only will they be involved in
Fords Dance Centre
A family run dance school, established since 1960, providing the highest level of teaching for the complete beginner to professional dancers by dance classes or private tuition. People from all walks
Rooftop Performing Arts Studios
Want to learn to dance, sing, act - or all three? You've come to the right place! Based in the charming market town of Stone in Staffordshire, Rooftop Studios combines three performing arts schools
Class One Dance Academy
After her first lesson at the age of 5, dance and performance became Gill's passion and very quickly she made it her quest to follow a career in dancing. Gill's commitment and drive soon led her to
Our aim is to further the love and art of dance in providing everyone a chance to experience and enjoy dance without feeling self-conscious. Where everyone can learn to dance and make friends in a
Catherine is the Principal at DancElite, Stafford. She began teaching in 1983, and became self-employed in 1988, when she opened her own school in Birmingham. In 1995, Catherine moved to Stafford
Stephaneta School Of Dancing
Welcome to Stephaneta School Of Dance, we've been keeping our taps tip top and our good toes outstretched here for over 60 years! We would love for you to build on our heritage and be part of our
DefyGRAVITY Dance School
We have a range of dance classes available for all levels, adults and children from 2+/ Choose from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Street Dance, Drama, Pole Dancing, Breakdance and Cheerleading. We also offer a
The Dance Factory
Whether dance is just a hobby or a possible career all children are given the same opportunities and the best possible training. Over the last 12 years The Dance Factory has maintained a 100% pass
Elite Academy
The focus will be on the dancer as a performer, the process of choreography and the significance of dances with reference to at least 5 professional dance works studied. Presentation can be in any