Kensington Dance Studio
The Kensington Dance Studio aims to bring all forms of social dancing to everyone in an elegant and sociable atmosphere. The teaching is of the highest quality, whether at a social or medallist
Frances Lundy School
Children can attend our RAD Ballet classes from two years of age. We start with a simple, imaginative lesson that gradually builds a basic classical technique. Once your child is confident they can
Pink Academy
Festivals and Competitions provide a challenging and highly competitive arena for the pupils to hone their skills. I was offered then the opportunity of taking over another school in another area so I
Lynne Chilver School
Welcome: The Lynne Chilver School of dancing has been established for over 30 years and offers the highest standard of training to children in a creative and happy environment. All teachers are very
Hammersmith Salsa Club
Incognito Dance Company (IDC) was established in 1999. Try our award winning Gold, Silver & Bronze Salsa Courses, learn to dance, have fun, keep fit and meet new friends. Check out the private
Dance Gallery
Ealing's leading dance school. Established in 1984 Dance Gallery specialises in modern, jazz, tap and musical theatre productions for children aged 4-18 years old. Our ethos is that through dance and
Dance Matrix
The Dance Matrix is Britain's leading national network of leisure dance professionals providing an unrivalled range of professional services to the UK dancing public, the yet-to-be dancing public, the
Hayaam Academy
1 We respect each woman's uniqueness No one is better than the other; every person is different but everyone can learn belly dance. We all come from different walks of life, have different background,
Dance Extravaganza
Quite soon I got the dance ‘bug' and was going to classes four times a week and dancing three nights a week. Every week we have dance classes and dance courses in and around Ealing, West London,
Georgiana Elite Dance Academy
Looking back it seems like only yesterday that I opened the school with only a few pupils all of which were only 4 years old - now they are in their teens and nearly as tall as me - if not taller! How
Salsa Calena
Quite soon I got the dance ‘bug' and was going to classes four times a week and dancing three nights a week. I have been teaching Zumba for almost a year now and absolutely love it. I get lots
Belly Dance In London
BELLY DANCING has simple basic steps and body movements which, once mastered, make the dancer feel beautiful and confident, inducing a feeling of spiritual and physical well-being. BELLY DANCING will
Freedom Of Dance
Freedom of Dance is based in Cowley, Middlesex and was founded in August 2005. We offer RAD Ballet, Contemporary and Street Dance classes. This website is designed to give you a brief insight into the
Dance N' Beats Bollywood
The Dance n' Beats Academy was started over 15 years ago in India by Mrs. Chittal Shah, a Bollywood trained professional myself. Also I am holding a Professional degree in Classical, Folk and Western
Lindy hop (also known as Jitterbug or Jive) is the original style of swing dancing - from the dance halls of 1920s and 30s Harlem to the worldwide swing craze of the 1940s and the rock'n'roll of the
Caramelo Latin Dance
SAMBA FUNKEADO - For the FIRST TIME in the UK - we are proud to present you the Samba Funkeado classes with Pedrinho Mattos and Ulle Adamson! This new dance hall Samba style has finally reached London
Wedding Dance Workshops
Any couple can go for the "wedding dance shuffle". We all have seen it: the wedding couple shuffling their feet on the same spot; hands and arms hanging down lifeless; the upper body swinging out of
Ballroom Dancing Classes (Hammersmith)
Welcome! My name is Marcel Satchell, and I organise Ballroom Dance Classes for beginners in London and Cambridge. We aim to take you to from two left feet to Ballroom Genius! Our lessons will set you
Ealing Street Dance Academy
Want to learn street dance? Then you've come to the right place - Ealing Street Dance Academy is the friendliest, funkiest street dance school around! Ealing Street Dance Academy was formed by Ruth
Chiswick Theatre Arts
We offer a variety of training for both children (ages up to 18 yrs) and adults. Our classes for children help to develop confidence, communication and creative skills and expand the imagination - not